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Sod Installation Services Offered by Cal Lawn Sod

There are a number of benefits when it comes to choosing sod installation services. For instance, you are able to choose the time you would like your sod installation to take place. Other options, such as seed you have to plant at a certain time of a certain season in order for it to grow. You also have to wait for the growing process which takes up to three years! Sod is simply more convenient and saves you much more time.


If you plan to use your lawn for play in addition to aesthetics, you should consider not planting any trees and shrubs in the center of your yard. This is because it is much harder to mow your lawn when you have trees and shrubs blocking the center.

Sod Installation Instructions

  1. Spray to kill bermudas & other invasive weeds.
  2. Remove all growth, brown or green.
  3. Add 2" to 3" of rot o-till amendments into soil
  4. Rake and roll area to settle soil. Allow 1" for sodding
  5. Lay out sod
  6. Lightly water & roll sod for soil to soil contact
  7. One deep watering then short watering for 14 days
Unrolling Sod — New Lawn in Citrus Heights, CA

Need Additional Instructions?

If you need further instructions, please feel free to call (916) 781-6793 or toll free at 1-800-CAL-LAWN.