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List of Sod Varieties Offered by Cal Lawn Sod

Renegade Sod

This sod is exclusive to Cal Lawn Sod. It is our own premium product that is a combination of grass seeds that result in a lawn that is beautiful in appearance and outstanding in durability. Our "renegade" sod is the result of years of research and development. With this sod you can expect a dwarf variety of tall fescue with a bluegrass like texture that can be maintained at 1 1/2" to 2" mowing height.
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Baby Bermuda

This dense turf grass has one of the fastest lateral growth rates and much shorter dormancy than other Bermuda grass types.

419 Tifway

If you reside in an area that experiences very hot summers and droughts, this is blend is for you. It also recovers very quickly from abuse, perfect use for high traffic, hot areas.


If the area you are trying to lay sod on spends much of the day in the shade, you may want to consider the 90-10 blend. This blend tolerates up to 30% shade per day.


Blue/Rye is composed of 50% Rye and 50% bluegrass. This blend is naturally resistant to many diseases and keeps a dark blue green color year round.

Ryegrass 100%

100% Ryegrass exhibits an excellent disease resistant, beautiful color, coupled with great heat and drought tolerance. Perfect for golf courses located in hot areas.

Special Blend

This blend was specifically developed to withstand 40% daily shade. Also offers a high resistance to erosion.

Bent Grass

This blend was specifically designed for use on putting greens, this is due to its ability to be mowed very low. Perfect choice for various lawn sports and activities.


Perfect choice for those located in cooler coastal and mountain climates. If your area commonly experiences snow, this is blend is for you. Keep in mind this blend does not have very high drought tolerance and does require more maintenance than other blends of sod.